Valuing what’s important in tough times

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Relationships are at the heart of Virtual School Victoria (VSV); relationships between teachers and students, relationships between teachers and parents/carers, relationships between teachers and school supervisors and relationships between VSV staff.

These relationships have been challenged during the pandemic. Lockdowns, social distancing and in some cases, diminished emotional wellbeing, have at times made it more difficult to engage with our community.

In spite of these unchartered seas, our values have navigated us through this journey. By values, we mean the things that are really important to us at VSV.

When your values are clear, making decisions becomes easier.

So what are VSV’s values?

The first value is respect. Respect is about treating the feelings, opinions, wishes and rights of others with as much consideration as we would have them treat our own.

Our second value is empathy, which is the ability to understand and share the experiences and feelings of another. Put simply, it’s putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Our third value is collaboration. This is the act of working together with someone to produce or achieve something. It is hoped that collaboration will make you feel like you’re an important part of this unique and vibrant school community.

The final value is growth, which is the ongoing process of development and improvement. It’s about learning for yourself, learning about yourself, learning about others and learning from each other.

These values were developed in consultation with our parent and student communities.

The school has undertaken work to plant these values within our community – and tend to them with our School Strategic Plan. There is, however, still more work to do. For these values to truly flourish, we need each member of our unique community to try their best to live the VSV values.

We look forward to working with you to see our values bloom.

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