Primary students offer advice to new VSV students


As part of the Year 4 and 5 English course, VSV students are asked to write a letter of advice for future students. This is to practise both communication and letter writing skills, and also allow students to share their wisdom.

Student Liam, who lives in France, encourages future students to stay in touch with their teachers.

“Stay in touch with your teacher because it is nice to talk to them and ask them questions because they will respond back to you.”

Alysha encourages future VSV students to inspire others by showing their work in class when the opportunity arises.

“Sometimes in coding class I get to show the class what I’ve made. My favourite part about the coding class is that I get to see what other people have made. I love seeing what people can make,” she said.

The last tip is from Arohan and on time-management.

“Even though the teachers are polite, you should not fall behind on your work too much. You can stop this happening by making a timetable to follow or just having a plan for your work on weekdays. This will help you be an excellent VSV student.”

While we wish all the students well for 2021, Liam has a special wish, “Good luck and I hope you are as excited as I am to log-on!”

Pictured: Arohan offers tips on time-management to new students

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