New York Times bestselling author headlines at F-6 virtual connect

Adam Wallace

New York Times bestselling author, Adam Wallace, was a special guest at the recent F-6 Virtual Connect which celebrated Book Week.

The author of How to Catch the Easter Bunny, Adam taught the students and teachers how to draw basic cartoons that could illustrate their stories.

‘Adam ran us through a series of drawing activities to challenge us and help hone our drawing skills. These exercises ranged from holding the pencil in our non-dominant hand right through to drawing with our eyes closed. Around 50 budding artists left energised and keen to draw,’ enthused Helen Stearman, a primary teacher at Virtual School Victoria (VSV).

Adam also explained the importance of ‘giving things a go’ and perseverance. He said it took him eight years to have his book published.

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Book Week – Curious Creatures, Wild Minds – students and teachers dressed as a range of characters. Some of the characters included: Mr Bump, The Wild Thing, Harry Potter, Mrs Wishy Washy, Little Red Riding Hood and Koala Lou.

‘Book Week gives students and teachers the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful things about books.

It’s also another opportunity to connect our community; students enjoyed meeting teachers and developing friendships with other VSV students,’ said Helen.

Special thanks to the F-6 team for organising this energetic day and enabling the students to actively engage.

If anyone would like to learn more about drawing cartoon animals, you can download Adam’s free ebooks here.

A drawing created by budding artist, Jonathon

A drawing created by budding artist, Libby

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