Advice to This Year’s English Students


VSV student Axl S was asked to reflect on his learning over the course of the year, and write a letter to students who would be enrolling in the course in the following year. He was asked to provide advice or tips and to think about what worked well for him.

Hello Student,                                                                                           

My name is Axl. How were your school holidays? I hope it was good. You’re not on school holidays anymore, so it’s back to school work, and having fun at online classes and your homework.

This year you will need to do English. Now, I won’t lie, it might be tough and you might say I will never need this stuff, but the truth is you will. You will expect ups and downs, and you might give up. Don’t give up because you will need this stuff. You might say you will hate it but you will start to love it (like I do).

Now you will be proud of your work and what you have accomplished. I am most proud of doing Module Op Week 3 because I will get to write this letter to you. This is a small letter because I am not that good of a writer but I am getting better, and you will too.

And when you are up to making your letter to a student, you will need to put in the below.

  • a return address
  • the date when you wrote the letter
  • a greeting
  • your message and your signature.


Axl S.

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