Student makes the case: junk food should be banned in all schools

Student makes the case: Junk Food Should Be Banned In All Schools by Jasmine

Jasmine is a Year 4 student who has been learning about how to be persuasive. Read her persuasive text on “Why Junk Food Should Be Banned In All Schools”.

How would we feel if we ate junk food every day, three times a day? We would probably feel terrible! Junk food is a type of food that is very unhealthy. It has loads of fat, sugar and salt. Junk food should be banned at all schools.

There are important reasons why junk food must be banned. Firstly, junk food is likely to have high levels of calories with little proteins, vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, junk food can make us very sick. Going for outings with family and friends or practicing an enjoyable sport is much better than going to the doctor or the hospital. My favourite junk food is candy, but I found out it only contains sugar, colouring, fat and preservatives. They are available anywhere. There is no nutrition in them. 

Another reason is that junk food has a negative effect on children’s behaviour. It can make them feel hyperactive, tired and irritable which makes it hard for them to concentrate. It can also make them feel angry, violent, naughty and more. 

In summary if we want to feel amazingly healthy, have a powerful mind to help us get brilliant grades in school I believe we must say NO to junk food!

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