Year 9 Science workshop: earthquakes and volcanoes

Earthquakes and Volcanos WEB

On Thursday, 15 August, Year 9 science students attended a workshop at the VSV science lab to learn about earthquakes and volcanoes. The workshop activities aimed to create hands-on, practical and collaborative learning in science.

Students had the opportunity to attend the workshop at VSV in Thornbury, or participate through a live stream via our online platform, Adobe Connect. This unique experience brought together involvement of students in the physical and online space during practical activities and class discussions.

Students began by working together on a jigsaw puzzle that represented continental movement. This was followed by creating a seismograph: a model that simulates how earthquakes are detected and recorded. We ended the day with ‘a blast from the past’ – creating an erupting volcano using baking soda and vinegar.

Many students reported that they had a fun and positive experience through participation of the hands-on activities, meeting new friends and teachers, and developing a better understanding on the topic of earthquakes and volcanoes.

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