Visual Communication Design Unit 2

Vis Comm 3 Max

Visual Communication Design is about engaging the design process to create visual communication that meets a client’s requirements. This could be a technical drawing for the manufacturer, a billboard poster or even an online advertisement.

In Unit 2, we focused on applying the technical drawing skills acquired in Unit 1 to create effective visual communication presentations in context. Students also learned to work with font types and manipulate digital images to suit a variety of communication design purposes.

Many students enjoyed taking photos and digitally manipulating them to create interesting images. Common software used included PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as other free online digital software. Students very quickly developed a familiarity and confidence using technology to create effective posters and labels for their products.

It was also crucial for students to use Design Elements and Principles, along with SCAMPER, as helpful guides to push creativity and consider new perspectives.

We are very proud of our students who put in so much hard work and dedication this semester.

[Image 1 by Nejla] Through her illustrations, Nejla explained the use of the Design Process in Visual Communication Design.

[Image 2a & b by Jessica H] After defining her Design Brief, conducting her research and generating ideas, Jessica selected this design and completed an orthogonal drawing and computer-generated 3D drawing of it.
[Image 3 by Max] Following the task requirements, Max creatively digitally manipulated and combined his own photographs to create a humorous image with a water theme.


[Image 4a-d by Jessica E] Jessica explains how she has used SCAMPER to develop ideas for her label designs in here. Based on her research findings, she also ensured that her labels contain all the necessary information to promote her product.

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