Year 8 street art projects


Year 8 street art projects

Last semester, Year 8 Art students learned about the positive impacts of street art in communities and then undertook a street art project of their choosing. We were so excited to see such a variety in the works presented by students – yarn bombing, tape art, pixel art, graffiti, stencilling and sticky tape casting.

Ruby approached her primary school Principal and got permission to brighten the entrance to the school with her colourful and geometric tape art design, as shown below.

Hannah spent her time finger knitting and the yarn-bombed a light post in her local area.
Nenyasha created a graffiti lettered design using the word ‘tennis’.
Isaac mathematically planned and created a pixel representation of Pikachu.
Luke designed, cut and sprayed an eagle stencil.
Claire created a sticky tape cast doll and placed her in outdoor environments.
This student designed an inspirational message using a unique lettering style.

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