Please just say you’re proud of me


Please Just Say You’re Proud of Me

ARACY’s new report, Please just say you’re proud of me: perspectives of young people on parent engagement and doing well at school, offers valuable insights into how young people would like to be supported through school by their parents and carers.

The key messages from young people are:

  1. Focus on the positive, express pride in their achievements often and express acceptance of who they are as a person.
  2. Remind them that their parent, carer or support person loves them unconditionally, and is always there to help.
  3. Offer practical guidance and assistance in tackling stresses and other problems at school and in general life.
  4. Encourage and support them to follow their own aspirations and make their own decisions for their future, rather than being pressured to follow their parent’s or carer’s dreams.


For those interested in reading the report or learning more about ARACY, please click here.

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