Visual Communication Design Unit 1 2019


Visual Communication Design Unit 1 2019

It has been a busy but fulfilling semester for Visual Communication Design Unit 1 this year.

One main area of study is drawing as a means of communication. Students develop their skills in drawing to communicate their ideas visually. While we had many talented students who produced wonderful visualisation sketches, we also had many students who developed confidence in technical presentation drawings.

Students also learned how to experiment with design elements and principles like colour, contrast, texture and the use of different media to generate creative ideas, both in manual and digital formats. Many discovered the use of various digital programmes to digitally manipulate their work to create even more exciting designs. It is important that in VCD, all designs are created to respond to a Design Brief that identifies the client and their requirements.

I do encourage any student who wishes to undertake a folio-based subject like ours to always ensure that they work closely with their teacher and meet their weekly deadlines so that there is adequate time to develop and ripen their skills and ideas. It is very fulfilling to watch students discover their own talents through this course.

On that note, I would like to congratulate all the Year 11 students this year for a wonderful semester and I do look forward to seeing more creative design concepts in the terms to come.


Above: Isometric Technical Drawing by Jessica H


Above: Orthogonal Presentation drawing by Le T


Above: Perspective drawings by Kaylee E

Above: Marker and hatching rendering techniques by Le T


Above: Observational drawing and digital manipulation by Kaylee E


Below: iPad cover design for a client by Jessica E


Above: Documentation of the digital manipulation process by Madeleine H

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