Three Twisted Sisters (Short Story)


Three Twisted Sisters

Eden | Bayside P-12 College |
Primary English | Term 4 2023

The trees shook as a war cry split the silence. Arrows penetrated into trees, splitting the wood as easily as a hot knife through butter. Branches shook, shaking their brethren, causing the softly packed dirt to fly up in a haze of leaves and dust.

A lithe figure leapt into the air, landing on a tree branch with the grace of a cat, barely making a sound. Again, she released the war cry, a sound of agony and anger, paired with vicious happiness. Then another tall figure emerged from the tree she had been hiding behind. She was slimmer than the lithe figure, but much taller, as the lithe figure was rather short. They shared a grin, one of mischief and trickery. Never a good combination.

Meanwhile, in Kuching, Sarawak’s capital, the inhabitants were completely oblivious to the mayhem going on in their forests. A dance festival was happening, courtesy of Belle Sisoski, a famous music artist, originally from Sarawak. Everyone was cheering and laughing, genuinely having a good time [pretty much, if you exclude the screaming child]. Then a thrum went through the ground, causing the DJ station and microphones to splutter and fizzle out. A confused murmur from the crowd was heard from the crowd. Someone shouted and they all turned around. A voice came from amidst the gloom.

“Sorry folks, but we just need your singer for a spell. We promise you’ll get her back. But for now, why don’t you all take a little nap…” The voice shouted three words in an unknown language, saying “! Slax’vikril, k’lasanxzan, SVIZTXIK!” The crowd immediately became drowsy, mumbling and murmuring. In no time, they are asleep. Belle leapt down from the stage, a grin curling in the corners of her mouth. She picked her way through the intoxicated crowd, walking into the gloom, where the strange words emanated from.

“What took you so long, WhipLash?” asked the lithe figure, a smirk in her voice. Belle, or WhipLash, shrugged.
“I enjoyed the music. Can’t one enjoy the things in life before they disappear?” she replied with a thick, twangy accent, trilling her Rs. “Plus, Damnation, no one else is as cranky and not even as much of a pessimist as you.”
The tall figure, known as Nyx, let out a snort. Damnation turned around to give her a hearty telling off.
“Now Nyx, don’t you dare laugh at me – “
“Damn, who cares? It’s a joke, why don’t you open your stony mouth and laugh along – “
“-what if I don’t want to laugh, I certainly don’t have to!”
WhipLash turned away from the squabbling siblings. They had walked quite a way after leaving the music festival, and now they were on a hill which loomed over the entire city. WhipLash took it all in, admiring the sparkling lights and bursts of sudden colour. She grinned, relishing the thought that if they did what their master said, they would be able to destroy the city and all its inhabitants. Soon, the peaceful city would be full of misery, murder, and mayhem.

A girl cartwheeled on the bright green grass, going over and over. A boy whistled a jaunty tune as he walked, hands stuffed in his pockets. The wind pulled up flower petals from the ground and flung them into the air, creating a scene of joy and happiness until a tree shook, its spindly branches quivering and shaking like an old lady.

Suddenly, a hole caved in under the tree, swallowing it, leaves and all. The poor bird who had been sitting on the tree let out an indignant squawk, and flapped off. A beast rose up, made of liquid and flame, a titan of no human description. It was easily three times the size of an average human, if not four. It whipped its head back and let out an unearthly sound. It sounded like nails running down a blackboard, like the screeching of vultures before a meal. Worse than you could imagine.

The children screamed as the sound ruptured their eardrums, causing them to bleed. The monster grinned, showing gleaming white fangs. A cackle came from behind the colossal thing. Nyx, Damnation and WhipLash drifted out from behind the monster, with smirks plastered on their faces. WhipLash flicked her hand, and a merbau tree exploded. Bits of twig and bark flew all over the park, striking the children. In the distance, police sirens wailed.

Nyx looked at WhipLash and Damnation with fear. “Polis!” she cried, her voice tight with anxiety. Damnation pouted.
“Oh, but we just started having fun!”
WhipLash shushed her and snapped her fingers, causing a purplish black vortex to twist into reality.
“Hurry up, let’s go, chop chop!” she ordered, ushering them all into the portal. The vortex was a direct pathway to the UnderWorld, where their master resided. WhipLash was the only one who could open the portal, as their master deemed her the only one responsible enough to use the craft.
But the portal was failing, spitting and twisting. WhipLash took no notice, and shoved her sisters into the vortex, then jumped in herself. A twisted, drawn out scream came from the rapidly decreasing portal. The twisted sisters were no more.

Eden | Bayside P-12 College

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