The Ghostly Girl (Poetry)


The Ghostly Girl

Charlotte | Leongatha Primary School |
Primary English | Term 4 2023

It’s her,

The ghost-like girl,


In the high-roofed hallway,

I know I can’t get close,

Or she’ll disappear,


I wish I could know her,

I can’t.

I only see her once a day

I don’t know her well

I feel like I’m imagining this,

I could be the only one with eyes.

Then again,

How should I know,

This is a big school

I’ve only been here for two years now

And I’m still not sure.

I wonder why she knows me,

I wonder why she’s here,

She couldn’t be a young cleaner,

She’s too transparent,


She disappears,


I didn’t move.

Someone’s calling my name,

It’s a recognisable voice…

“Mac n Miikkee”

It’s him,

Getting closer,

And closer,

I’m dashing down the hall,

Not wanting a new black eye,

Lump on my head,

Nor do I want a broken bone,

I go faster

Knowing it’s a


Or a death situation.

I race into the room around the corner,

Slamming the door behind me,

I hear a knuckle crack,

I can’t bear to look,

But I already know who it is

“Hehe” he cackles

I now know

I got chased by Haden,

One of Troy’s goons.

Here it comes,

My black eye,

My Chinese burn rash,

And my giant embarrassment.

They come in one package.

Salt water is pouring down my face

Troy whispers


And walks out,

Motioning Haden to follow him

Haden walks out,

Rude finger out,

Mouthing a swear word.

I hear someone getting closer to the room,

Mrs Campbell walks in,

And grabs Haden and Troy

By the ears,

And drags them out

Then I realize,

Joe by her side,

Smiling at me,

He leaves

I hear Mrs Campbell yell,


They would feel annoyed,

Now I feel super happy.

Mrs Campbell then came to me and said,

“If you ever need help, come to me ok?”

I nod,

I race out,

Roam for a bit longer around the halls,

Looking for the spot,

I’ve made it, just in time,

I check,

It’s 2:55,

She’s here,

Staring at me like usual,

Almost like a ghost,



Like a statue even.

She looks so cute



My phone went off,

She left,


The school website?

I enter the app and read this:

Two injured by underDOG

At exactly 2:55 two boys were injured by a feral dog found in Mrs Campbell Science room under Lachie’s desk. We integrated the witnesses but all they knew were the injuries that were caused. Case still under investigation.

What the-?

I check the time

Three fifty-five!

A whole hour has gone past!

So I just go home.

Charlotte | Leongatha primary School

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