I am a Tree (Poetry)


I am a Tree

Ally | Wheelers Hill Primary School |
Primary English | Term 4 2023

I am a tree, standing tall and proud,

my thick branches touching the clouds.

My leaves, a symphony of rustling greens,

dancing in the breeze, whispering unseen.

My roots, like veins, entwined and strong,

nourishing my being, where I belong.

Throughout the seasons, I stand steadfast and true,

a silent witness, watching the world anew.

Spring’s gentle touch awakens life anew,

blossoms unfold, a vibrant hue.

Summer’s warmth bathes me in golden light,

a symphony of colours, a dazzling sight.

Autumn paints me in fiery hues,

leaves ablaze, farewell summer’s muse.

Winter’s slumber blankets me in white,

a silent slumber, waiting for the light.

Through the passage of time, I will stand tall and grand,

a guardian of the forest, in this verdant land.

Ally | Wheelers Hill Primary School

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