Pragranya – The Fight for the Rabbit Hole (Short Story)


The Fight for the Rabbit Hole (Short Story)

Pragranya | Straithaird Primary School
Primary English | Term 1 2021

Boom! Lilly the rabbit had dropped her book again. She loves reading. Lilly lived in a quiet, peaceful rabbit hole which had a huge carrot patch outside. Lilly always made carrot cereal for breakfast, carrot soup for lunch and carrot cake for desert. She had an amazing kitchen, an awesome living room and a wonderful bedroom.

One day she got out of her rabbit hole to get some carrots then she heard a loud boom! She thought there was going to be a storm but then she realized that there is nothing other than sun in Sunnydale. Then suddenly red dust appeared everywhere and a huge hare appeared out of nowhere.

The hare was evil and wanted to take Lilly’s beautiful home away. Lilly didn’t know that the hare was evil and she had thought he had just come to visit her. When the hare realized that Lilly thought he was nice he made a plan that when Lilly let him inside the rabbit hole he would take it. Lilly was so happy to have a visitor but she didn’t know that the hare was evil.

The hare went in and took a look at the inside. It was amazing. It was huge and it had a lot of rooms. Normally the hare writes and reads in his own bedroom but in the rabbit hole there were different holes for different things. The only thing the hare didn’t like was the colour. He wanted a red and green house but Lilly’s house was colourful. He knew once he took over he could sort the problem out.

The hare asked Lilly if he could go to the bathroom and Lilly agreed. The hare ran off and got his wand from outside instead of going to the bathroom. When he was on his way back he got lost and it took him a while to get back to the living room. He knew that when he took over he would be able to navigate the hole easily.

He returned to the living room and Lilly asked why he took an hour to get back. The hare explained that it was a huge hole and it was pretty easy to get lost. Lilly understood and said that he would get used to it after a while. Suddenly the hare waved his wand at Lilly and Poof! She was frozen! The hare was so excited that he could have the rabbit hole and he also had an amazing rabbit statue.

He started to call his friends to tell them about the news. They all came to visit him, but the only problem was that the hare didn’t know that Lilly was actually pretending to be frozen. When he called his friends over Lilly knew that she had a chance to freeze more people. But she had to make sure everyone would stop looking at her. Once everyone was dancing Lilly started to wave her wand. She froze everyone one by one making sure no one saw her. Soon there were only a few hares left. When the others realized that some of them were frozen they thought the others were playing freeze tag and they joined in. Soon it was much easier to freeze people because half of them were frozen. Soon she was down to one hare and he knew what was going on. He was about to freeze Lilly but luckily she froze him first.

Lilly was so happy that she got her hole back that she threw a party. All her friends were confused about why she threw a party and she explained what had happened. They also asked about the 26 hare statues. Lilly loved her new and improved rabbit hole.
The end.

Pragranya | Straithaird Primary School

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