Ellie – Rainbow Madness! (Newspaper Article)


Rainbow Madness! (Newspaper Article)

Ellie | Guthrie Street Primary School
Primary English | Term 1 2021

On Tuesday 14th of September, Peter Bread created a midnight madness. At exactly 11:28pm, Peter decided to climb to the roof of Congupna General Store. The police spotted him changing the light display on the roof of the store.

“I’d been staring at the lights on the roof of that store, trying to ignore them for days. I just had to change them to rainbow order!” Peter claimed.

Next door neighbour Sarah, has been interviewed by the Daily News, “Peter has always been a perfectionist but I didn’t know he was this bad,” she informed.

Peter Bread has been fined and encouraged by the police to put his rainbow talent to better use. It is believed he was seen later that week painting a rainbow mural on the wall of the shop, but this time…. with permission from the shop owner! 🤣😄

Ellie | Guthrie Street Primary School

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