VSV students shine in Top Class Drama and Top Class Theatre Studies VCE Season of Excellence Selections


Two Virtual School Victoria students, Luisa (Top Class Theatre Studies) and Vivienne (Top Class Drama) have been selected for the 2024 Top Class VCE Season of Excellence concerts, recognising their exceptional talents in the performing arts. Luisa was selected for her Theatre Studies monologue performance of Madame Arcati from Blithe Spirit, while Vivienne’s original solo for Drama, The Court Attendant, was chosen.

Vivienne’s achievement is particularly noteworthy as she completed Theatre Studies Unit 3 & 4 as a Year 11 student in 2022, demonstrating her early commitment and talent. Her selection in last year’s 2023 Top Class Season of Excellence concert for her Theatre Studies monologue further emphasises her exceptional skills.

Vivienne’s original solo piece, The Court Attendant, explores the lives and fates of the six wives of Henry VIII and changing royal attitudes to marriage.

Luisa, who was a full-time VSV student, performed in the Year 12 Theatre Studies production of Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?  

The Top Class Season of Excellence concerts will take place at the Melbourne Recital Centre between February and April, showcasing the talents of these outstanding students alongside others in various performing arts disciplines. It’s a testament to their hard work and dedication to theatre.

Special thanks to their teachers Catherine Mayer and Vanessa O’Neill for nurturing the students’ creativity.

Photo credits – David Urbinder

Photo of Luisa below and Vivienne to right

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