How one student cracked the time management code

Noah assignments

Mastering the art of time management is a crucial skill for students. It allows them to balance their schoolwork with outside interests.

Year 11 student, Noah, has drawn on his interest in coding to better manage his time, by creating his own IT solution.

Noah said he created it to “stay on top of all my assignments” and not feel overwhelmed.

“It’s really helpful for me to have everything in one place. It’s also really useful to store all old assignments in sorted and labelled folders. If needed, I can easily go back and review them at any time,” he explained.

Noah said it took him around two weeks to build.

“I had to build it from scratch using programming languages and integrations.”

Noah pointed out that he demonstrated the VSV value of growth by creating a solution and expanding his technical knowledge.

He said he’s proud of the platform he created because he managed the workload “fast and efficiently.”

One of Noah’s teachers, Kerrie, said Noah’s platform is extremely impressive and detailed, and having positive flow on effects for his schoolwork.

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