VSV works star on the big screen


Our highly creative and driven VCE Media students recently came together for our annual VCE Media Showcase.

Fifteen student film and photography projects, created as part of their portfolio assessment, debuted on the big screen at Palace Kino Cinemas in the CBD. With over 50 guests filling the cinema, the evening celebrated their hard work and perseverance. From horror films, documentaries and reality TV spoofs, the range of their creativity was on display.  

VSV Principal Fiona Webster commended this year’s cohort, who were particularly connected.

“The quality of work was almost surpassed by the palpable sense of camaraderie between the students.  This was clearly not a group of individual students who had studied in isolation.  They really knew each other, acknowledged each other in the credits of their films and cheered each other on,” she said. 

The people’s choice award went to Ruby’s mockumentary ‘Larry Tool’s Paddle Boarding Adventures,’ which generated many laughs. Her father gave an outstanding performance in it.

The VCE Media team (Pieter, Sarah and Daniel) want to thank everyone who attended and encourage any students with an eye for film making and photography to consider VCE Media in their subject selection.

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