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The Student Representative Council, or SRC, is a group of students who meet weekly to discuss everything and anything about students – whether it’s an idea for a fun new excursion, plotting the next club, designing hoodies, brainstorming solutions to matters that affect students, and listening to YOUR voice! We collaborate to make sure VSV is the best school, and all students feel like they can have an influence in this amazing community.

Of course, an hour is not enough to discuss everything there is to cover! There are sub-committees within the SRC. They meet for another hour every week to work on particular projects , such as the VSV Voices Podcast, or providing feedback about the next excursion.

The Senior School Sub-committee, coordinated by the snazzy Maria, is focused on – you guessed it – working on all sorts of projects for Year 11s and 12s! This year, the team has gotten plenty done – we have created the first-ever Year 12 hoodies (which will be back next year), helped organise end-of-year activities for Year 11s, and helped encourage greater student voice at the Valedictory Dinner!

There are plenty more projects on our radar for next year (such as a Virtual Year Book and more Senior School activities) that you can help out with! This committee is open to everyone – particularly year 10s, 11s and 12s.

In case you didn’t know – VSV has its very own podcast! Yes, that’s right, the VSV Voices Podcast has been around since 2020 and is still going. It shares the stories, adventures and ideas of VSV students.

A podcast, of course, does not just come into existence on its own – there is a dedicated little team of students (and a teacher – huge shout out to Daniel!) that work on it behind the scenes. Led by Molly and Ciri, the group begin by doing a huge brainstorm (which ends up with some pretty whacky ideas), and then decide what the episode will actually focus on. They do some research, write up questions, and choose which roles people would like to do for the episode. Someone might host one episode, edit the next, and then take a break for a while. After segments are recorded, they are sent off to the designated editor – first for a rough draft, before being polished. Transcriptions are transcribbened (that is some very professional terminology the committee invented back in October), promotional posters are created, and the final product is sent off for approval!

Make sure you watch out for upcoming podcast episodes – and you can check out the past episodes on the VSV website!

The Middle Years Sub-committee is focused on 7-10 specific projects, and is led by the SRC Middle Years Leader, Noah (photo below). As a brand new sub-committee, it is currently in the recruitment stage – so if you’re in years 7 – 10, they’d be thrilled to have you! There are plenty of projects they are beginning to work on, so email [email protected] at any time to join in!

Last, but certainly not least, let’s hear it for the Public Relations (PR) Sub-committee!!

This is a recently created committee that promotes the SRC to the school, and Virtual School Victoria to the UNIVERSE! It is coordinated by the Vice President (so, once again, Ciri). The team designed SRC-led presentations for Connect Week and Better Together Day sessions and are working on creating some brand-new videos about a day in the life of a VSV student – among loads of other things.

At the moment, only members of the main SRC are able to join the PR committee.

So, why wait to join an SRC sub-committee? You don’t need to be a member of the main SRC, and you can absolutely try out a sub-committee – and then decide if it is your thing! There is no pressure on how much you contribute, how often, and for how long. We always love to hear your voice!

Have a big (or small) idea, but don’t want to be involved in a committee? Shoot us an email, and the incredible students of the Student Representative Council will sort it all out for you: [email protected]

by Ciri (she/they)

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