Spotlight on Olivia – SRC Primary Member

Olivia K

In this spotlight, Olivia talks about the joys of volunteering, confidence and making friends thanks to the SRC.

Why did you join the SRC?

I joined the SRC to meet new people, have a say in the school community, and to have a voice that teachers hear. I believe it’s important for students to have a voice and I wanted to be a part of change and fun initiatives at VSV.

What do you do in the Primary SRC?

In the Primary SRC you can help out at Virtual Playtime! This is a session of fun activities run for students from Foundation to Year 4. There are also plenty of opportunities for student-led projects and initiatives, and to give feedback. We meet weekly to discuss these.

What projects have you enjoyed being a part of?

I have enjoyed helping out at Virtual Playtime. It’s so nice to see the younger primary kids enjoy the activities and smile. It’s also a great way to learn leadership skills and be more confident.

What’s the best thing about being in the SRC?

Being able to meet students that are the same age and have very similar interests. I don’t know if I would have made as many friends if I hadn’t joined the SRC! All the students are lovely and have amazing ideas.

What would you say to a student who’s thinking of joining the SRC?

Just give it a go! It’s a very supportive community and a great way to make friends.

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