Naiema balances school and circus

N handstand

Year 5 student, Naiema, balances school with performing in a circus. Enrolled in VSV’s travel category, she is a circus performer, currently working with the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular.

Naiema has been working with the circus for the past four years. 

Appearing on-stage with her father and sister, Naiema does a handstand act, and also works with performing dogs.

Travelling and seeing beautiful places is one of the highlights of working in a circus for Naiema.

‘The most interesting place I worked in was Japan. It’s a beautiful country. We visited Disneyland and Universal Studios which I loved.’

Naiema says that she and her family travel every four to six weeks, depending on the size of the city or town. She is grateful that VSV exists so she can combine her education with performing.

‘VSV is a great way for me to learn so I can still perform. I love to perform. I wouldn’t be able to perform if I had to go to a mainstream school,’ she said.

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