Mindset key to Monica’s success on and off the field


At just 14 years old, VSV student Monica is the youngest futsal player in the state’s senior women’s league and exemplifies the power of a positive mindset.

After a couple of training sessions in the under 16 girls’ futsal league, Monica’s coach suggested that she try out for a senior women’s club. Monica was accepted and soon playing in the national competition.

‘I felt quite nervous in the lead-up – I really wanted to make a good impression. Our team didn’t bring home a win, but it was important to stay positive throughout the competition,’ explained Monica.

‘When I was younger, losing would get to me and affect my games. I’d have a negative mindset. I’d be thinking about a match loss and didn’t have the hunger to win. I felt defeated before I started. That feeling of losing is not a good thing!

‘I realised that I if I’m serious about having a career in futsal and soccer I need to change my mindset. Instead of bowing my head after the loss of a game and thinking “I’m not good enough”, I would think “I need to work twice as hard next time so we can win! I would start to visualise myself scoring goals.”’

Monica said the same concepts of hard work, perseverance and believing in herself also help her with school work.

‘If there’s something I don’t understand or need help with, I will talk with my teacher and parents. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage me to try out new challenges and grow!’ she said.

Monica’s dream is to play for Australia’s women’s national soccer team, the Matildas.

‘The Matildas is an inspiring group of women – I look up to them not just as soccer players but also as loyal and empathetic people. They always encourage their team mates and surround each other with positive affirmations. Mindset is so important,’ said Monica.

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