VSV’s Dux inspired by cohort


It’s hard to imagine that two years ago VSV’s Dux, Will, had very low confidence. Mainstream schooling wasn’t working for him and he had barely attended school in 18 months.

When he started VSV at the end of 2020, he was tentative about online learning and described himself as ‘ignorant to the workings of online learning.’ But Will flourished in an environment that was ‘free from the confines of a classroom.’

‘VSV recognises that everyone learns differently. Students can do their best when they learn in a way that suits them. The teachers cared about me doing my best and for my wellbeing,’ explained Will.

‘If the school environment doesn’t work well for you, it weighs heavily on many aspects of who you are. When you are in a supportive learning environment that improves your wellbeing and does not weigh you down, you are more efficient and positive.’

‘I am eternally grateful to VSV for providing a learning platform that has made me truly feel at home.’

Will said that he was inspired by members of his cohort who braved ‘adversity in the pursuit of learning.’

‘Some of my fellow students had gone through significant challenges but didn’t give up and continued with their education. The magnitude of effort it took for them to keep going was inspiring,’ he said.

Will’s key tips for a positive online learning experience are:
• good time management
• realistic daily goals
• a good school/life balance – it’s important to create spaces for both.

Will managed to keep a good school/life balance by doing exercise, playing guitar, putting effort into making breakfast and lunch and also working part-time at a small business that designs and manufactures motorcycle cruise control computers.

A talented IKEA furniture builder, Will is excited about following his passion of understanding how things work and studying Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

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