VSV becomes an eSmart school to further boost student wellbeing


Virtual School Victoria (VSV) has teamed up with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to embed the eSmart framework across the VSV community. This significant program helps schools maintain a supportive and connected community to reduce online and offline bullying, and increase wellbeing.

Malcolm McIver, VSV’s Assistant Principal Student Engagement and Wellbeing, said that improving student wellbeing is a key goal for the school.

‘Our goal is to keep children safe from bullying, cyber bullying and violence. eSmart is a way to achieve this.’

‘By implementing change through the eSmart framework, VSV can further improve student’s wellbeing, encourage positive use of technology and decision-making, while reducing all forms of bullying and anti-social behaviour,’ he said.

Malcolm explained that a dedicated group of teachers, led by Joel Fraser, Digital Learning Leader (acting), will help deliver the project throughout the rest of this year and 2022.

‘The school is creating opportunities for students, parents/caregivers and staff to take part in this journey. It will be a wonderful opportunity to not only better connect our community but also help it safely grow,’ he said.

The school will keep the community updated on opportunities to be involved.

If you would like to find out more about the eSmart program please visit https://www.esmart.org.au/

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