Miliah hits the right notes at international piano competition


Year 6 VSV student, Miliah, recently received an Outstanding award in the international Online Popular Piano Competition.

An aspiring concert pianist, Miliah practices between 1.5 – 4 hours a day.

‘I’m passionate about music; learning different pieces is fun and exciting. When I practice I feel like I’m in a different world,’ she enthused.

‘I like to share music – especially classical music – which can be underrated,’ she said.

Miliah said it was inspiring being part of the competition.

‘Once you see others perform you can strive towards that goal.’

She also noted that VSV teachers help her reach her goals.

‘I have learnt so much since I started at VSV and the teachers are kind, supportive and understanding of my goals. They always remind me to keep practicing and striving to be a concert pianist even if I don’t get a big award.’

Miliah said that her playing has improved significantly since starting at VSV as the flexibility enables her to practice more.

You can enjoy one of Miliah’s performances here.

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