Year 9 Science Workshop: Acids and Bases


On Thursday 29th of November 2019, Year 9 Science students attended a workshop investigating acids and bases in the VSV science laboratory. The workshop aimed to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge in Chemistry through hands-on collaborative learning between students and teachers.

It was fantastic to see students attend the workshop both at VSV and through live stream using our new online conferencing platform, WebEx. Students worked collaboratively in the physical and online space where teachers are responsible in leading the practical activities and classroom discussions.

Throughout the day, students worked together to prepare and conduct four different experiments. It was great to see students engaged with the activities, especially with the making of a red cabbage pH indicator. Students were able to create their own pH indicator by blending red cabbage and proceeded to use this solution to test the pH levels of different household items.

Overall it was a successful day for VSV students and teachers in Year 9 Science. We continue to encourage students to participate in science workshops organised at VSV, with the flexible opportunity to participate in the online live-stream.

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