Virtual School Victoria set to become the first Victorian school to offer all VCE subjects


Many Virtual School Victoria (VSV) VCE students attend schools in rural and regional Victoria who are unable to offer a wide range of VCE subjects. We currently offer 67 VCE subjects and provide the opportunity for each of these schools and hence their students to have the choice of subjects that are available in the larger schools in metropolitan Melbourne.

From 2019 the Victorian State Government is to extend the choice of VCE subjects in rural and regional Victoria with the announcement of the Government’s $22.6 million investment in The Expanding the VCE in Rural and Regional Victoria Initiative. The Initiative will expand current virtual learning opportunities and establish school partnerships over the next four years.

A significant component of The Expanding the VCE in Rural and Regional Victoria Initiative is an investment in VSV to further improve and expand virtual and blended learning opportunities for all students. Over the next four years 18 VCE subjects currently not part of our VCE program will be written and delivered by teachers at VSV.

Principal Bretton New stated that this is an incredibly exciting time for the school and an outstanding recognition of the journey we have been on over the past four and a half years as we have re-written the 274 subjects we offer to our learning management system, VSVOnline, our virtual school.

“VSV’s teachers are experts in their fields as well as in digital learning. The school’s learning programs are rigorously developed using best practice virtual learning techniques and user experience testing,” said Bretton.

VSV will employ an additional 22 teachers over the next two years to deliver this significant educational initiative.

The Expanding the VCE in Rural and Regional Victoria Initiative will allow Virtual School Victoria to provide enhanced virtual learning, greater curriculum choice and create opportunities for every student to excel, including the geographically isolated.

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