New brand. New website. Parents kick-start website makeover


New brand. New website.

Parents kick-start website makeover

As part of the school’s rebrand to Virtual School Victoria, we will be redeveloping the school’s website. This will not only better reflect the school’s new name and brand, but also make it more engaging and easier to find information. The school’s new vibrant brand consists of five main colours: forest (green), red, purple, citrine (yellow) and blue. It also features a bold shape set as a key design element and a colour strip that includes all colours. Our new look will soon be shared with you in the 2020 Enrolment Handbook.

To kick off the website project, an external provider recently ran a focus group with parents at VSV to unearth what they liked about the current website, what they didn’t like, and how it could be improved.

In addition to providing helpful feedback, parents also enjoyed meeting one another.

‘It was nice to meet someone who understands our situation,’ one parent enthused.

Some recommendations included making the website less text-heavy, more vibrant and having more photos and videos.

‘I showed my daughter the website before she started at VSV. There weren’t many photos. It would have been good to show her photos and say, “this could be you”,’ said one parent.

Chrissie McMahon, VSV’s Leading Teacher for Community and Family Partnerships, said that she will be creating more opportunities for VSV parents to connect over the coming year. This includes our school’s updated Parent Portal, as well as VSV’s first Parent Voice Group Meeting.

‘Parents play a critical role in their children’s education,’ said Chrissie. ‘As a school it’s important that we work in partnership with parents to create the best outcomes for our students. VSV is lucky to have such an engaged and interested parent community to work with on projects like the new website.’

Many thanks to the parents who made the time to attend the session and share their valuable insights.

A focus group with students will be running soon.

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